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The 2023 Minnesota Legislature

The 2023 Legislature began Jan. 3 and adjourned May 22, 2023.

AMSD understands the importance of providing its members with factual, concise and timely information on key issues affecting public schools. Using regular email updates and social media, AMSD keeps members continuously up-to-date about the progress of the current legislative session.

AMSD Conference Committee Priorities
State policymakers have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to strengthen and stabilize Minnesota’s education funding system.
AMSD Bill Tracker
AMSD tracks key legislation related to E-12 Education throughout the legislative session with regular updates as to the status of any bills.
AMSD Legislative Platform
The AMSD Board of Directors has identified a series of recommendations to help Minnesota reclaim its place as a national leader in education by addressing its racial and economic disparities and ensuring equitable academic outcomes—high levels of achievement—for all students. Click the link below to see the 2023 AMSD legislative platform.
AMSD Position Papers
AMSD’s Board of Directors believes that its lobbying efforts are most effective when the organization plays a role in shaping the broader public debate on K-12 issues and advocates for policies that benefit the State as a whole. The following documents are position papers about critical education policy issues.

Legislative Education Committees

MN House Education Finance Committee
Membership and Meeting Information
MN House Education Policy Committee
Membership and Meeting Information
MN House Children and Families Finance & Policy Committee
Membership and Meeting Information
MN Senate Education Finance Committee
Membership and Meeting Information
MN Senate Education Policy Committee
Membership and Meeting Information
Office of the Governor
Gov. Tim Walz and Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan
Office of the Education Commissioner
Commissioner Willie Jett

“AMSD speaks with a unified voice at the Legislature to make positive change for our students. We can always count on AMSD to deliver in-depth research and financial analysis on pending legislative proposals to help us make informed decisions.

–Superintendent Christine Tucci Osorio, North St. Paul-Maplewood-Oakdale

2023 Legislative Session Resources

“AMSD provides timely updates and information that allows us to take action quickly on important legislative issues. We always know what is happening at the Capitol thanks to AMSD.

–Steve Adams, School Board Member, Hopkins Public Schools

Using Social Media to Advocate at the Legislature

Following social media at the legislature provides several benefits, including up-to-the minute news, reports and documents, opportunities for involvement and the ability to share district information with other users and follow specific topics and committees.

Here are a few ways to get involved
on social media:

  • Follow your legislators and persons of interest.
  • Post questions to legislators on facebook or send a tweet.
  • Respond to a tweet or facebook post regarding a bill before the legislature.
  • Post a tweet about a policy before the legislature.
  • Retweet a message about what is happening at the legislature.
  • Share an article that reflects your position on a policy before the legislature.
  • Share a district event, accolade or policy decision with legislators..
  • If you visit a legislator or they come visit you, share a photo or message on social media about the visit.
  • If you tweet or post about a legislator, use their handle (@member) in your post. Use hashtags or search for an issue hashtag and include it in your post.