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Innovation in Spring Lake Park Schools

Innovation in Spring Lake Park Schools is more than an idea. For the past several years, district leaders, teachers and other staff have participated in ongoing professional learning on the topics of innovation, creativity and design thinking.

The Systemic Innovation by Design project, outlined in the Spring Lake Park Schools District Operational Plan, is focused on creating a systemic culture of innovation among all district staff members through the implementation of design -thinking processes and tools. The system they are working to create – a culture with a methodology and set of processes – provides teachers and staff with the freedom and flexibility to try something different.

In the August 2016 Connections newsletter, we explore innovation in Spring Lake Park Schools and the district shares details about their math class for high school students, transforming teachers through design studios, innovation evening at Vidku and innovative spaces project.

“Bringing a new idea to life does not always follow a clear path. While innovation can be a little messy and often the design process does not yield a perfect solution, it is an essential aspect to achieving dramatically improved outcomes. In fact, a focus on perfection, what is often called perfection paralysis, often prevents us from trying something that could ultimately offer tremendous benefits. It is exciting to see people trying new things to enhance student experiences and learning.” Dr. Jeff Ronneberg, Superintendent of Spring Lake Park Schools.

Read more about innovation in Spring Lake Park Schools their process of creating a culture of innovation in the August 2016 issue of Connections.

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