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MN makes plans for in-person instruction, home visits despite school-closure order

From the Pioneer Press:  Minnesota education leaders are looking to strengthen their approach to distance learning, four weeks into an experiment that has exposed unequal access to technology and threatens to leave struggling students further behind.

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Students Might Have to Take College Admissions Tests at Home This Fall

From the New York Times: The coronavirus is forcing the SAT and ACT to develop digital versions of the standardized tests in case schools remain closed. Critics fear that could deepen inequities.


AMSD 2019 Annual Conference: Minneapolis Public Schools: Parents as Partners

Minneapolis Public Schools, led by Supt. Ed Graff and Eric Moore, the Chief of Accountability, Research and Equity at Minneapolis Public Schools, led a panel discussion and presentation on their nationally recognized parent engagement work at the AMSD Annual Policy Conference on Nov. 13, 2019.