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The Association of Metropolitan School Districts opposes the diversion of public funds to nonpublic schools through the use of vouchers or tax deductions or tax credits for private school tuition. Furthermore, the State should require that any school receiving public aid or enrolling students from families receiving public educational subsidies be accessible to all students and comply with all state laws and rules that are applicable to public schools.

AMSD Believes

  • Minnesota, through open enrollment, the post-secondary enrollment options program, charter schools, on-line learning and educational tax credits and deductions, is a national leader in providing school choice options.
  • Minnesota provides significant direct subsidies to private schools to assist with the costs associated with transportation, textbooks, special education, counseling and nursing services. In addition, tax credits and deductions are available to families of private school students.
  • State taxpayers have a right to expect that any institution that receives public dollars will be held accountable for how those funds are expended and will follow all applicable state laws and regulations.
  • Citizens expect that taxpayer dollars will be used at schools that are accessible to all children, including children with special needs.

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