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Strategy I

Statewide funding that ensures equity, access and opportunity for all students

Related directions recommended in inter-district work sessions.

• Re-evaluate and re-structure statewide school funding

• Identify funding needs and shortfalls and strategize ways to ensure sufficient funding for educating all learners

• Build a unified legislative platform supported by all advocacy groups and policy stakeholders

• Advocate for an equitable and sufficient school finance system that enables quality education for all learners

Phase 1

     A. Convene a Reimagine MN finance team to evaluate and re-structure statewide school funding to educate all learners

Phase 2

     B. Reduce the need for local levy by indexing state aid to inflation

     C. Fund what is mandated

     D. Ensure a system with revenue & taxpayer equity

Desired Outcomes

     • Equitable funding plan for ALL students and school districts

     • Taxpayer equity

     • Funding for all mandated programs