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Strategy G

Build bridges between school and community

Related directions recommended in inter-district work sessions.

•Expand and support proactive parent and family engagement

• Examine adult beliefs in school and community through training, honest dialogue, affinity groups, etc.

• Build stronger family partnerships and build capacity to support students

• Address life challenges faced by families — housing, immigration, etc.

• Institute more services to support health, life and language needs

• Build strong education partnerships between the school, families and community

Phase 1

     A. Assure consistent certification expectations for intercultural specialists

     B. Work with community education to build “whole child” supports

     C. Build services partnerships to provide wrap-around support for students/families

Phase 2

     D. Require parent affinity groups in school districts based on demographics

     E. Require parent affinity groups to vote concurrence or non-concurrence

     F. Advocate for funding to provide flexible academic support programs in/out of school

Desired Outcomes

     • Consistent expectations for intercultural specialists

     • Community/school whole child support

     • Holistic access to support services for students and families

     • Family, parent and community participation in district decisionmaking

     • Youth development and enrichment during and outside school