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Survey: Majority of Minnesota parents are OK with school reopening, disliked distance learning

From the Star Tribune | In state survey, a majority expressed dissatisfaction with distance learning.


School reopening is not a one-size-fits-all affair

From the Star Tribune | Some districts don’t have the broadband access needed to make a hybrid learning model effective. Each school district should be allowed to make its own call.


Parents Slightly Favor Full-Time, In-Person School This Fall

From: Gallup: As the 2019-2020 school year that was disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic ends, U.S. parents are more likely to prefer their children attend full-time, in-person school this fall as opposed to having full- or part-time distance learning.


Fall outlook for Minnesota’s K-12 schools still hazy

From the Star Tribune: Districts are working on three scenarios amid fluid nature of the pandemic.


What is the role of school systems in creating an antiracist democracy?

From the Sun Sailor | From St. Louis Park Schools Supt. Astein Osei: I am more convinced than ever that as educators we have the responsibility to influence the mental models that fuel the hate and fear that are so predictable in this country.