Association of Metropolitan School Districts

Association of Metropolitan School Districts

AMSD Represents the Metropolitan Area

School districts in the metropolitan area face challenges that differ from those of districts elsewhere in the state. AMSD’s members include both urban and suburban school districts, making it truly a metro-wide organization. AMSD’s suburban member districts are a diverse group, representing inner-ring suburbs as well as outlying communities. Because of its broad-based membership, AMSD is in a unique position to identify the needs of metropolitan school districts and seek meaningful policy changes to help districts meet those needs.


AMSD Provides Leadership

AMSD is a strong voice for public education both at the Legislature and in the media, with a proactive agenda and a commitment to action.

AMSD’s primary task is to lobby at the state level for the needs of metropolitan school districts. However, AMSD’s Board believes that its lobbying efforts are most effective when the organization plays a role in shaping the broader public debate on K-12 issues and advocates for policies that benefit the State as a whole.


AMSD Provides Access
AMSD staff and members maintain ongoing contact with important state policymakers, both during the legislative session and throughout the rest of the year.


At AMSD Board meetings: School officials meet with key legislators, as well as other top education officials and experts, to discuss and debate K-12 policy issues.


At the Capitol: During the legislative session, lobbying efforts are led by Executive Director Scott Croonquist, who maintains regular contact with House and Senate leadership, the K-12 committee chairs, and other key legislators. Mr. Croonquist communicates the organization’s positions by meeting privately with lawmakers, providing them with written materials, and testifying before committees. AMSD also arranges for superintendents, board members, other district staff, and parents to testify on key issues, offering local information and perspectives that help legislators understand the impact of their decisions.


AMSD Provides Information
AMSD provides its members with relevant, concise, and timely information on key issues and the progress of the legislative session, giving local school officials the tools they need to communicate with legislators and within their communities. AMSD employs a researcher and a communications consultant to assure that information is accurate and effectively presented.


AMSD distributes regular legislative updates, along with legislative alerts and talking points when urgent action is required on the part of members. AMSD also provides in-depth background material on issues, ongoing financial analysis of pending legislation, and assistance in preparing testimony for school officials.


AMSD provides practical information on topics of interest to its members. For example, AMSD holds workshops to help members understand current issues facing public education. AMSD also has produced a how-to packet for use by parents and other community members interested in lobbying the Legislature on behalf of public schools.