Association of Metropolitan School Districts

Association of Metropolitan School Districts

AMSD provides in-depth background material on issues, ongoing financial analysis of pending legislation and current demographics.

Funding Formula

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Formula History from MDE CPI 2017 (pdf)

Regional Costs

Report from the University of Minnesota- Locating Equity Implications of a Location Equity Index for Minnesota School Finance University of Minnesota

Minnesota Special Education

Minnesota Special Education Cross-Subsidy
The cross-subsidy refers to the amount special education expenses exceed state and federal special education aid.  The adjusted net cross-subsidy is calculated by subtracting the adjusted general revenue for special education from the gross cross-subsidy.


Minnesota Federal and State Special Education Cross-Subsidy (pdf file of above graph)

FY 2015 Special Education Cross Subsidy
Special Education Cross-Subsidies Chart 2013-2019

Minnesota Special Education Cross-Subsidies FY 2015 Legislative Report

English Learner Cross-Subsidy

AMSD EL Cross-Subsidy 2016(AMSD Member Districts and Statewide information)

Minnesota Referendums

AMSD Members Referendum Elections 2016


AMSD Budget Survey

AMSD Budget Survey 2016 Media Copy updated May 3, 2016

AMSD 2016 Budget Survey Press Release April 2016

MINNESOTA Education Funding

2016 Legislative Session 

Education Legislation Update 2016 (Minnesota Department of Education)

2016 Summary of Education Articles in H.F. 2749-4 (Minnesota Department of Education)

Minnesota Education Demographics

AMSD Member Enrollment Information Compared to State
Numbers and percentages of students in AMSD districts enrolled and those in free and reduced, LEP and IEP programs compared to state numbers.

AMSD Enrollment 2015-16

AMSD Member Enrollment Information 
Numbers and percentages of students in AMSD districts enrolled and those in free and reduced, LEP and IEP programs.
2015-2016 Enrollment by Special Populations


AMSD Education Guide for 2016 Elections

AMSD Guide to Education 2016 Elections