Association of Metropolitan School Districts

Association of Metropolitan School Districts

Education News: March 31-April 6, 2012


Despite rumors of an early adjournment, the legislature will be returning on Monday, April 16.  This week the legislature continued their work in conference committee and on the floor, finalizing bills and sending conference committee reports to the Governor.  Governor Dayton vetoed HF 2083, a bill that would have accelerated the repayment of the school aid payment shift by taking $430 million from the state budget reserve.  Another bill of note, HF 2949/SF 2482, the omnibus education bill, passed off the Senate floor and will be headed to conference committee when the legislature reconvenes.  AMSD has put together comparison of the House and Senate versions of HF 2949; you can access the document here:


With all of the action surrounding conference committees this week, AMSD’s latest MN Legislature 101 blog post examines legislative conference committees, showing you how to access audio, reports and membership.  Check out the link below to find out how these committees are assembled and how you can follow their important work:




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