Association of Metropolitan School Districts

Association of Metropolitan School Districts

Education News: June 9-15, 2012


The Star Tribune this week features several commentaries about potential education adequacy litigation.  Katherine Kersten first wrote about the issue on June 9, arguing that it “can cost taxpayers staggering sums” and that “virtually no peer-reviewed study shows meaningful improvement in minority students’ achievement in states that have implemented adequacy remedies.”  There were two counterpoints to the Kersten commentary, the first by Gerald Von Korff and Jim Hilbert.  Von Korff and Hilbert contend the current Minnesota school finance system violates the Minnesota Constitution’s education clause as it does not pay for state imposed mandates already in place, specifically, special education.  The second counterpoint was written by Vina Kay who discusses the intentions of the Education Equity Organizing Collaborative (an organization cited by Kersten to be pursuing litigation) and that paying attention to outcomes and outcome gaps informs decisions about removing barriers and making education more equitable and that the solutions to the achievement gap are multi-faceted and bipartisan.






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