Association of Metropolitan School Districts

Association of Metropolitan School Districts

Education News: April 21-27, 2012


As the Minnesota Legislature works toward adjournment, conference committees are closing and sending reports to the Governor.  This week HF 2949, the education omnibus conference committee report, passed off the Senate and House floor.  The bill passed the House on a vote of 119-9 and the Senate passed the bill 64-0.  The Governor has until midnight tonight to act on the bill.  The House and Senate also passed the school trust land conference committee report on Wednesday and it is unclear whether or not the Governor will sign the bill into law. HF 1870, the Last In First Out (LIFO) conference committee, passed their report to the floor earlier and it passed the House floor on Thursday night on a vote of 70-61 with one democrat voting in favor and two republicans voting against.  The Senate is expected to act on the HF 1870 conference report today. The Governor has indicated he plans to veto HF 1870.  For more information on the status of education bills at the legislature, AMSD has put together an end of session spreadsheet with status information.  You can access it here:







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