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Association of Metropolitan School Districts

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Association of Metropolitan School Districts Summary Update

March 15, 2014

House Sets Spending Targets

The House released supplemental budget spending targets yesterday afternoon.  The House plans to spend a total of $92 million on education – $75 million for E-12 education and $17 million for higher education.  Included in the $75 million for E-12 will be 3.5 million to fully fund reduced price lunches leaving $71.5 million.  You can read the press release announcing the targets here.  The Senate targets will likely be announced next week.

Health Insurance Bill Advances

SF 1835/HF 2180, Education Minnesota’s Health Insurance Transparency Act, passed out of the House Government Operations Committee yesterday.  It is scheduled to be heard in the House Education Finance Committee next Tuesday at 8:15 a.m. in Room 10 of the State Office Building.  If you have concerns about the bill, I encourage you to contact members of the committee:

Here are the current versions of the bill:

House Bill:  Amendment DE2 for HF 2180

House Research Bill Summary and other information is available here:

Senate Bill:

Senate Summary:

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