Association of Metropolitan School Districts

Association of Metropolitan School Districts

Information about the Minnesota 2017 Legislative Session

School Bus Capitol

Session Review

NEW: AMSD Legislative Mid-Session Review 2017
Read Scott’s Croonquist’s latest legislative update. 

AMSD Legislative Platform

2017 AMSD Platform
AMSD Legislative Session Priorities

Legislative Priorities 2017
AMSD Legislative Session Briefs

2017 Session Brief State Tax Subsidies for Private K-12 Education

2017 Session Brief E-12 Spending

Key Education Bill Tracker

2017 Key Bill Tracker

Omnibus Bill Summaries Prepared by AMSD

 2017 Education Finance Provisions (4/7/17)

2017 Education Policy Provisions (includes amendments adopted in Senate E-12 Finance on 3/17/17)

2017 Teacher Licensure Provisions(4/20/17)
Budget Comparison Documents Prepared by Others

Budget Comparisons Gov/House/Senate (Excel Spreadsheet)

Debt Service Equalization Gov/Senate (Excel Spreadsheet)

HF 890 Education Finance Omnibus Bill Conference Committee Documents

School District Runs Summary Comparison

School District Runs House Compensatory Revenue Proposals

School District Runs Senate Proposal

School District Runs House Proposal

School District Runs Governor Proposal

School District Runs Debt Service

HF 890 Bill Comparison Summary

Side-by-Side Comparisons of HF 890 (Scroll to K12-General Education, 12 documents)

House Education Finance Tracking Sheets (scroll to Education Finance HF 890 Conference Comparison and HF Education Finance Levies HF 890, Conference Comparison)


HF 4 Tax Bill Conference Committee Documents

Bill Comparison Summary

HF 4 Taxes Tracking Sheets (scroll to Taxes HF 4)
Governor’s Education Budget and Forecast

February Forecast Documents

Governor Dayton Budget Recommendation District Runs Total

Governor Dayton Budget Recommendation General Education District Runs

Governor Dayton Budget Recommendation Special Education District Runs

Governor Dayton Budget Recommendation Pension District Runs

Governor Dayton’s Budget Recommendation District Runs (Excel File)

Governor Budget Summary Spreadsheet

Governor’s Budget Summary Document 1

Governor’s Budget Summary Document 2  

Legislator Contact Lists

2017 E-12 Budget Bill Conference Committee Contact List

2017 HF 4 Tax Bill Conference Committee Contact List

2017 SF 2214 Higher Education Conference Committee Contact List

2017 HF 140 Teacher Licensure Conference Committee Contact List

Leadership Contact List 2017

Education Committees

Social Media Lists

AMSD Legislators

Advocacy Letter Template 

AMSD Spring Recess Advocacy Information
2017 Legislative Session Resources

AMSD Pre-K Districts