Association of Metropolitan School Districts

Association of Metropolitan School Districts


Capitol 2013

Upcoming MDE Task Force and Working Group Meetings (Established during 2013 Session)
New Task Force and Working Group Schedule

Legislative Commission on Planning and Fiscal Policy-July 25, 2013
July Economic Update-Minnesota Management and Budget
General Fund Pie Charts
General Fund Tracking


MDE Working Group and Task Force Update-July 17, 2013
Minnesota Assessment Update
Assessment FAQ
Education Finance Working Group Comparison


MSBA Board Approved Levy Seminar-July 9, 2013
Melcher Presentation MSBA Levy Seminar
Updated LEI and Referendum Memo from MDE
Greg Crowe Presentation
Stacy Childers Presentation
Report 1 Allowance Increase and Gap
Report 2 Referendum Market Value Old vs New
Report 3 LEI New Law and Old Law
Report 4 Rejecting LEI


Decision on Location Equity Index Announced:
MDE LEI Letter (June 13, 2013)
Location Equity Implementation (June 13, 2013)


District Runs

Revised FY 2014 and FY 2015 Preliminary Revenue Projections – 2013 End of Session (June 13, 2013)  

2013 Legislative Session Information
Minnesota Education Bill, HF 630/Session Law Chapter 116
Minnesota Tax Bill, HF 677/Session Law Chapter 143 (Education provisions included in Article 3)

AMSD 2013 Session Review

MDE HF 630 Summary

MDE 2013 Legislative Update Presentation (June 2013)

Statewide Revenue